Several weeks ago, we’ve published an article about octoboy who was worshipped like a god because of his odd appearance. Thanks to a life-saving surgery, he got out of a debilitating condition. This time, a seventeen-year-old girl secretly lived with a parasitic twin all her life.

Workitu Debebet from Ethiopia looks like a typical teenager.

Workitu Debebet 3

But underneath her clothes, lies her secret…a parasitic twin attached to her pelvis.

Workitu Debebet 2

Workitu is the oldest person known to have a parasitic twin.

Workitu Debebet 8

She never knew she was not normal, until one day she changed clothes in front of another person. Seeing a normal person for the very first time made her feel that she really had problem.

Poverty hindered her parents from consulting medical experts regarding her bizarre condition.

Workitu Debebet 7

Watch the Video:


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Thanks to a team of surgeons who removed her parasitic twin. After three months of recovery, she is now ready for a new chapter in her life. She can now look forward to being a normal teenager and have a family of her own in the future.

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