Vampires are probably the most famous frightening creature ever known to man. And their signature fangs are the most decorated than any other pointy tooth beast out there. While fanatics spend a lot trying to look like a vampire, one mother from Collington in Herefordshire didn’t need to waste money to look like one, as she have real vampire fangs. How crazy is that?

Crazy it may sound but Charlotte Bateman, 49, never wished to have vampire fangs. It was a rare gum disease called ‘severe periodontal disease’ that left her with jagged teeth.
vamp teeth 1

Unfortunately, her condition was left undiagnosed by her dentists Smith, Holloman and Associated in Bromyard, Hertfordshire, despite she regularly visits the clinic. Even her gums were left to rot.

It was just in 2011, Charlotte’s gum disease was diagnosed after an X-ray taken during an orthodontic consultation and discovered several of her teeth were showing bone loss.

She said, “When I would visit the dentist my gums would bleed so much during the examinations that they would have to stop and get me to rinse every time an instrument was put in my mouth.

“One day, when I was flossing at home, a piece of debris got pushed up and lodged in my gum – gums are not meant to be soft like that.

“I knew something was seriously wrong.”

And because of this, she was too embarrassed to leave the house after her teeth turned like vampire fangs.

She said, “I had raised concerns about the fact that my teeth were moving around my mouth.

‘My neighbor, who hadn’t seen me in a while, visited shortly after that appointment and was visibly shocked at how my teeth looked.

‘I was so embarrassed. I didn’t want to be seen in public after that. I retreated into myself and avoided social situations.”

Being in a baking business, her unwanted fangs hits her self-esteem to the lowest point and her business began to suffer.
vamp teeth 2

I work in the wedding cake industry, which is very appearance-orientated, looking your best is vital.

I have lots of face to face contact with clients and struggled to project an air of confidence.

This whole saga has had a detrimental effect on my career,” Charlotte said.

And in March 2014, Charlotte sought help from the Dental Law Partnership and sued her dentists and associates, but they did not admit any liability during the year-long legal battle.

Finally, after 11 months of trial, an out of the court settlement was reached and in February this year, Charlotte was awarded £25,000. She plans to use the money to fix her teeth but because the decay was so severe, losing her teeth are inevitable. She will probably need to have implants as an option.

Charlotte recalls, “I’d been visiting that dentist since 1988, so I trusted her. I’ve endured pain and discomfort, not to mention shattered confidence. I can’t wait to have remedial treatment and finally be able to hold my head up high again.”

While the practice manager at Smith, Holloman and Associated said, “We have looked into this but due to patient confidentiality we cannot comment.”

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H/T: Daily Mail