Abby Pollock, who suffers from an eating disorder back then, is sharing how she achieved her amazing body and her naturally formed bubble butt.

In 2012, Abby, who was 20 at that time, suffered from symptoms of anorexia and bulimia.

The 23-year-old woman from Toronto, Canada was also underweight in her first year in engineering school.

She felt the pressure of having to be part of engineering internship despite learning of her father’s cancer.

Abby shared to Cosmopolitan that she used to eat the bare minimum of food just so her brain can function.

That means she’s only consuming 900 to 1000 calories a day. She said, she just wanted to keep losing weight and followed strict diets like raw, raw vegan and palero.

“I told myself I was following diets for ethical reasons when really I was using them as a means to further restrict and cover up my disordered habits,” Abby said.

In 2013, Abby suspected that her boyfriend cheated on her and was unhappy with their relationship. She also learned that her father’s cancer has become terminal, adding more stress to her life.

It was a wakeup call to her and decided to reach out for help with her eating habits.

She worked with a personal trainer and a holistic nutritionist.

Her nutritionist told her she could eat whatever she pleases as long as she meets the daily calorie requirements of 1,700 calories.

Abby shared her typical meal of the day on her Instagram.

She is also practicing intermittent fasting, it’s an eating strategy that improves insulin sensitivity which helps the body lose fat easily.

Aside from observing strict diet and fasting, Abby also spends two hours a day doing cardio.

Weight lifting is also in her routine.

Her efforts didn’t go to waste as her body started to transform, her waist becomes smaller giving her an hourglass look and her behind achieved the shaped to die for – the bubble butt!

Before and after:

Abby now weighs 152 pounds and has a stunning body!

Though Abby’s diet and exercise routine made her gain weight she doesn’t care and was very proud of it because she feels more healthy, athletic and most of all happy. This just shows that we can achieve what we want if we work hard for it. All thanks to Abby’s determination.

Via: Elite Readers