Remember the bride-to-be who tried to jump off a building after being dumped by her fiance? Another similar incident happened in Harbin, China wherein a 20-year old woman tried to take her own life after a break-up by jumping out of her apartment on the 5th floor.

The young woman and her boyfriend were arguing while he was on the balcony below as he was locked out of her apartment upstairs when suddenly the woman jumps off.

Fortunately, her boyfriend was able to grab and hold onto her from the 4th floor, allowing time for firefighters to arrive at the scene.


One of the firefighters immediately climbed to the third floor by holding onto the grills of the building…


He then bravely stood on the ledge on the 3rd floor with one hand holding the window and the other to push the woman up.


The woman was eventually saved from certain death, thanks to the efforts of these gallant men.


Watch the actual footage:

Have you ever felt so heartbroken after being dumped that you’d want to take your own life? I’m telling you it’s not worth it. Share this story with your loved ones and help them cope with their broken relationships.