Breakups are never meant to be easy and those who experienced it would definitely agree. The feeling of being dumped totally sucks. Yet handling heartaches depends of each individual’s capacity to cope up, but one Chinese woman embarrassingly lost her composure after being dumped through SMS.

Footage of a 24-year-old woman throwing an insane tantrum on a public street has gone viral online. According to reports the woman suddenly went hysterical after being told by her boyfriend of several years that their relationship wasn’t working out anymore. The worst part is, she was dumped over text message.

Unprepared for the news, the woman instantly made a scene in the busy streets of Tsim Sha Tsui district in Hong Kong.
breakup tantrum 1
She threw herself to the floor and started crying, screaming and shouting at passersby.
breakup tantrum 2
She then rolled over like child…
breakup tantrum 3
After spinning, she did some sort of exercise routine like a dreaded sit-up.
breakup tantrum 4
A concern citizen step in to help the hysterical woman and tried to lift her up.
breakup tantrum 5
But the she failed to calm her and the frenetic lady just rolled on the pavement like having an erotic show on the stage.
breakup tantrum 6
At this point, the heart-broken woman was dragged away…
breakup tantrum 7
But this doesn’t stop her from insanely crying her heart out, as she continued to bowl on the ground in a yoga manner.
breakup tantrum 8
Her insane tantrum alarmed not only the public but also the authorities that they were forced to strap her into a stretcher and hauled her away.

It is reported that the woman remained on the ground for over an hour while onlookers watched her emotional outbreak.

Watch the epic footage!


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This is why you should never breakup with someone through text. Please, at least tell them in person as a sign of respect.

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