A woman unexpectedly gives birth in the street while she’s out shopping then calmly walks home with her baby.

In the clip, the woman began screaming after her water broke while buying some fruits and vegetables.

A few seconds later the newborn dropped from between her legs!

Stunned onlookers immediately call for help.

Emergency responders arrived shortly and help the woman cut the umbilical cord.

The newborn was placed on a chair while medics cleaned it and gave it back to the mother, who witnesses said stayed standing the entire time and did not have all the earmarks of being worn out.

Shockingly, after confirming the baby was healthy, she calmly walks home despite being offered a ride and be brought to the hospital.

The woman probably refuses the offer to save money and instead, returns home with the newborn baby in one arm and her shopping bags in the other.

The startlingly dramatic birth happened in the city of Yunfu in southern China.