A woman from the village of Gokwe in Zimbabwe gave birth to a “frog-like baby” which horrified local residents.

36 years-old Precious Nyathi was eight months pregnant when she went into labor. She was brought to Gokwe District Hospital.

But her 39-year-old husband, Mr. Nomore, was shocked to see a creature that resembles an amphibious creature instead of a human baby.

He said, “I rushed home and was shocked to see a frog … that my wife had delivered. At the hospital, they confirmed she went into labor but were equally shocked.”

According to Mrs. Nyathi, “I was expecting a child and this is what the heavens gave us. It’s a hellish experience that will haunt me all my life.”

Despite the efforts of the medical team, the baby later died in the hospital.

The distraught parents took their baby home wrapped in a piece of paper because they wanted to seek advice from village elders as well as the local chief. Sadly, the horrified community leaders eventually ordered that the frog-like baby be burnt in front of the villagers.

On the other hand, doctors confirmed the peculiar birth and said, “She was our patient who would come for routine reviews together with other pregnant women. We were shocked when she visited the hospital in the company of her husband and some neighbors saying she had delivered a frog”.

According to Njelele, the village chief, the hospital staffs has no medical explanation for the unusual birth that had happened.

However, judging by the looks of the creature, people are skeptics about its authenticity. So what do you think?

Via: Daily Mail