A bizarre footage of an exorcism of a woman who was allegedly possessed by evil spirit has been making its waves online. In the video, the young woman’s limbs can be seen contorted at strange angles, with blood flowing from her mouth.

The clip started showing the woman sitting on the ground with an exorcist attending to her aid.

exorcism 1

It can be also noticed that her legs are a little bit twisted as another exorcist ordered her to stand up.

exorcism 2

During the whole ritual, the woman can be seen spitting blood. At one point, she even hit herself, before shouting unintelligibly.

exorcism 3

The leading exorcist then executed the last chant and holds the woman’s wrists, and shakes her arms up and down.

exorcism 4

Moments later, the woman straightens as she was ordered to jump, while the crowd applauds.

Watch the eerie footage:


Demonic possession has been a highly controversial topic ever since. Though there is no concrete evidence of demonic possession, many believed the existence of demons, so as angels and Gods. In fact, even the Christian Bible has mentioned Jesus “casting out demons” from people more than 30 times.

While exorcism rituals has been practiced for years, do you think this video is real or just some sort of stunt to gain attention? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. — Via: Mirror