Cheating has been becoming more and more common nowadays and we’ve seen a lot of cheating stories on the internet, mostly coming from China. Typical scenarios are furious wives attacking their husband’s mistresses or vice versa. This story is no exception, as another mistress and a husband were put to shame by wife and her family after getting caught red-handed in a hotel room.

The enrage family members stormed the hotel where the illicit couple was caught in the act naked in bed, then beat both of them.

husband and mistress caught 8

The cheating husband tried desperately to protect his lover, but failed as his wife and her relatives ganged up on the mistress while recording everything.

husband and mistress caught 2

Watch the video:


May this video serves as a deterrent not to cheat on your partner. Cheating is never a good thing, if you’re unhappy with your relationship then talk about it and do legal actions, before committing to another person.