It was just recently when Marlene Aguilar faces controversy after attacking Pope Francis on Facebook, and now another public figure is in hot water after posting Bible verses on her Instagram account. Yes, you read it correctly, just because of two Bible verses she posted that sparked negative reactions from netizens who assumed she was criticizing the papal’s visit.

Last January 17, former beauty queen Precious Lara posted images of Bible verses, stressing that people can only be saved through Jesus Christ. Though Quigaman did not mention Pope Francis in her posts, she received negative comments from some netizens, who apparently assumed that she was pertaining to the Holy Pope, and got the impression that she is “disrespecting” the leader of the Catholic Church.

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Some of her IG followers did not like her posts, as one Instagram user commented “Wow, perfect timing? We know what this means, sad.”

“Oh my goodness Miss Lara. You could have posted these verses some other time. Not when everybody’s in hype and really happy with the Pope coming here in the Philippines. What is really disrespectful of you is that this post makes us feel that u are probably thinking that the Catholic people do not know these things…” another user replied.

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After receiving negative comments, the Born Again Christian uploaded an image that implied “Respect,” saying it was not her intention to offend or disrespect anybody. She also stressed her respect for Pope Francis and claimed that what she posted is her “own personal reminder not to look anywhere else but to focus on Jesus.”

Precious Lara explains: “I respect Pope Francis. I am grateful to him for bringing hope to our kababayans and making a lot of us smile. I think he is doing a great job.”

“Even Pope Francis reminded us to focus on God and not Him” she added.

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While other people are bashing her over the internet believing she’s trying to imply something with her post, some people on the other hand defended the beauty queen.

“I think what she said was right. She’s not against Catholic on celebrating and welcoming the pope. But she is against other people who think that Pope Francis is Lord, Pope Francis is a symbol of God, he is an example for us to be better Christians and to draw ourselves closer to God.” one user agreed.

Another also commented “What is wrong with you judgemental people? This is a bible verse. Walang tinamaan na religion si Ms. Lara dito. Kayo lang ang nag-assume na may pinatamaan sya so problema nyo yun hwag kayo magreklamo sa post nya mali ba nya na kung may pagkajudgemental kayo. That is a bible verse, even pop Francis knows that verse, kayo lang naman ang nag assume at nag over react.”

While another user reminded Lara “be careful with what you post on #IG for once posted you don’t have the control on how the public perceives it.”

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Saddened by what happened Lara said “Whether you are a Catholic or a Born Again, we are all Christians – and you will find that in your Bible. I’m sure even the Pope believes these verses.”

“And you know what made me sad? People asking me to respect them when I think they don’t even know what it means to respect someone. You are the ones who are not respecting me and what I believe in.” she added.

Source: abs-cbnnews

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