A Vietnamese woman was horrified to find what’s wrong in her ear after feeling something moving around inside it.

  • Did you know that cockroaches are older than dinosaurs?
  • 4,000 species of cockroaches are recorded all over the world.
  • Some cockroaches can grow over 3 inches long. That’s is huge!
  • Worst is, cockroaches can eat just about anything. They’ll outlive us.

The doctors were shocked to discovered a live cockroach was the culprit of the woman’s discomfort.

It seems that the creepy crawlers had scurried into the woman’s ear while she was sleeping making itself at home in her ear canal.

Apparently, this is incident is quite common and several of the same case has been reported, as it turns out that the human earwax emits certain chemicals that is very attractive to creepy crawlers.

Watch the videoVia: NY Post