There are some things on the internet that goes viral for no apparent reason, such as this woman simply planting flowers.

The video of this woman identified as Katie already garnered more than 13 million views on YouTube. Who would thought that planting something would attract such attention? Hmmm.

Apparently, Katie was wearing a very low cut top exposing her awesome assets.

It’s so low that planting could make her ample chest spill out anytime.

Though it can’t really be called planting, as she just keeps shoving the soil in the pots.

At one point, after shifting to another pot, her strap fell off while asking a tip and immediately put it back on her shoulder.

“I just wanna know if you know anything about Earth,” she says in a European accent, looking up to the person taking the video.

She is conscious of her melons that are threatening to flush out anytime, as she keeps adjusting the straps of her dress.

“I should really change this top, It’s so embarrassing,” she says.

We have no idea what this video is all about but viewers seem to be satisfied with what they are seeing.

One viewer commented, “I have no idea what she’s saying but does it really matter? Lol.”

“Planting flowers or harvesting melons?” another one asked.

“I suddenly have a strange yearning for some melons and some whole milk,” ShooterJ 628 commented.

I think Katie really needs some gardening tips, care to give her some? LOL!

Via: Elite Readers