A lot of things have already changed over time. The technology, the infrastructures, even cultures, and practices. However, some sickening tradition still remains such as bull fighting.

Yes, we do kill animals for food, we are all part of a huge food chain anyway. But killing animals for fun is an entirely different story. Bullfighting is a famous tradition in Spain and we all know that. But in this modern age, do we really need to kill an innocent animal for entertainment? Well, this Ad might change your perspective…

The ad shows a velociraptor; a ferocious dinosaur that most people would not mind seeing getting killed.

The velociraptor was provoked by the matador to attack him while he defends and attacks the dinosaur with knives. The matador inflicts as many injuries as much as he can, because it is fun, until the creature falls down.

Then he gives the final blow to end the velociraptor’s life.

Of course, you’ll still feel sorry for the ferocious dead dinosaur but there’s more!

Bulls might look tough but they are animals that can still feel pain. Just imagine how much suffering these animals went through just for the sake of entertainment. Maybe you should ask yourself, is killing really that entertaining?

If you feel sorry for the dinosaur which we clearly know is just a CGI, then you should be more worried about the real-life brutality of bullfighting.

This barbaric tradition should be stopped, don’t you think? –Via Ozzyman