LAP OF HONOUR – a slow run or drive around a sports field or racetrack that the winner makes after a race or game.

As a sports fan, an amateur runner and cyclist, I know how hard a professional athlete prepares for an event like this. Months even years of hard preparation for a single day event. So every winner should have a chance to slow run, to savor that special moment because it might only happen once in their lifetime.

This official clearly has zero empathy to Laura Muir who just won the 1500m run.

Laura Muir represents Great Britains and it’s her first Gold medal in a major sporting event like this European Indoor 1500m Gold.

Good thing that Laura Muir was able to elude that heartless official and do slow run with her flag.

According to the commentator, the reason for the official not allowing Laura to do her lap of honor is because they are behind schedule, but the announcer also mentioned and he is right for saying that it’s not the athlete’s fault that they are behind schedule.