Rats, for whatever reasons are disgusting creatures and no one would want them lurking around. This guy, however, experienced the worst after a rat climbed in his trouser while eating dinner at a restaurant.

The unfortunate guy was having a dinner at the Chongqing hot pot restaurant when suddenly a rodent climbed up his trousers.

In the clip, the man can be seen holding his pants while the rat’s tail is peeking out of his denim.

Trapping the mouse in his pants, his friends squeezed it.

A restaurant crew encouraged them to kill the rat, but not to take pictures of it. But it was too late, the moment the man was able to remove the rodent from his pants, he held it up by the tail and showed it to everyone inside the restaurant.


Finding a rat in a restaurant is absolutely gross and disgusting, though Chinese people have become accustomed to this scene.

Via: Shanghaiist