This puzzle was in possession of Akihira-san for quite a while already and he’s unable to solve it, so he wrote a letter to the Funny Japan TV Show and asked for help to solve the puzzle.

Puzzle: Move the ring from the green ball to the red ball.

Since the TV host was unable to solve the puzzle, they asked the help of a Professor who was also unable to solve it. It was so funny that the professor is sweating trying to solve it, so he took his jacket off and even draw a diagram on the board.

At the end, the professor suggests that they bring it to an animal because they have animal instinct. I almost fall off my chair when they really took it to a chimpanzee hoping the chimp could solve it for them. Of course, the monkey was not able to solve it.

Chimp trying her best to solve the puzzle.

They went to a magician after the failed attempt from the professor and the chimpanzee. Watch the rest of the video and enjoy it. Find out how the magician solved the puzzle.

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H/T: Watch Me – YouTube