One of the weirdest creatures on the planet dwells in the caves of the Dinaric Alps, a mountain range that stretches from Italy to Kosovo. They are called “human fish” and they can live about a hundred years.

These cave-dwelling creatures are officially known as the olm or proteus (Proteus anguinus).
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They are found primarily in southern Slovenia’s Soča River basin.

These tiny dragon-like creatures are called human fish because their skin resembles those of a human.
Photo: Postojnska Jama
However, they’re not a fish at all but aquatic salamanders which can grow up to a foot with tiny arms and gills, they spend their entire lives underwater.

It’s unusual for amphibians to live deep underground but since they do, they’re albino and totally blind. They navigate the deep waters through their electroreceptors which allow them to detect the electric fields emitted by other animals.

The dragon-looking salamanders have an average lifespan of 69 years but they can live up to a hundred years.

The Proteus might look like creepy but they are majestic creatures, see for yourself.

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