Video of a gorgeous woman having a new tattoo on her right arm has caught the internet for quite some time for one hilarious reason — her chest suddenly exploded during the inking session. The event took place at a tattoo parlor in Pattaya, a resort town in Thailand.

This woman looks hot and men would surely notice her huge front.

But along the tattoo session, an unexpected thing happens, her chest suddenly explodes when the tattoo needle touches it.

The unexpected blast took the tattoo artist by surprise and was instantly thrown away!

However, there’s more about the hilarious video than what it seems. Apparently, the 25-year-old girl named “Mint” intentionally put balloons on her chests for fun to help promote her boyfriend’s tattoo shop “Brite Tattoo Shop”.

The owner and Tattooist Feist said, “Mint had put the balloons on for fun to promote my shop, I did not think it would get this much attention.”

Now that’s how you advertise! LOL!!

Via: Mirror