There are images that we need to have a second look in order to figure out the real thing. Because if we didn’t, our minds will tell us the closest impression that it could deliver, thus leaving us freaking out to an innocent thing.

Take a look at this picture…

asshahahaPhoto: theyanus/imgur

You’re forgiven if you think there’s something cranky or a downright disturbing taking place in the image. But seriously, it’s completely innocent and touching, as it shows a father leaning down to give his baby a kiss on the cheek. The disturbing illusion is caused by the position of father’s body, his head and left shoulder that unfortunately resembles a pair of bums, while the ear is the….you know. LOL!

lolVia: Metro

Well, if you instantly distinguish what the photo is, good for you. However, many have seen the picture in a different way and their comments on Imgur shows they have an indecent thought about it. See below:

“That took far too long to realize what was going on.”

“Totally thought it was some misshapen a** gaping over the baby.”

“Thought it was some weird triple a**.”