This is the movie-like scene wherein a motorcyclist survived a high-speed crash only to be hit by a falling lamppost he knocked over earlier.

Captured on CCTV, 21-year-old Daniel Joventino Rumao was driving fast when he nearly collided with a car turning across his path somewhere in eastern Brazil.

Daniel escaped the total collision but he was thrown away from his bike.
Photo: CEN
Photo: CEN
As he slides, his riderless bike slams into a lamppost.
Photo: CEN
Photo: CEN
But as he gets up, the lamppost collapses, hitting him right on the top of his head!

Gladly, the motorcyclist survived the accident but surgeons had to piece his shattered bones back together with steel pins.

Daniel, a local city councilor said, “When I saw that I was going to crash against the lamppost, I jumped from the motorbike.”

“It hit me in the head and then in the legs. During the first few seconds, I saw stars. Then I looked at my legs and I noticed that I was badly injured. The pain was very strong but I was conscious all the time.”

Though badly injured, he was thankful he survived. He said; “The lucky thing was to have survived. There is no greater victory than that. I was born again.”

The incident happened in Fortim, in the eastern Brazilian state of Ceara. The police are now hunting the driver who fled following the crash. –Via: Mirror