When a drought hits southern parts of India, this King cobra traveled to a local village in an attempt to replenish its thirst. But along its way, the serpent encountered villagers, what happens next is unbelievable.

Though King cobras are extremely dangerous, instead of killing, the locals rescued it.

Perhaps they knew that snakes usually try to avoid humans and realized that it must have been really thirsty to come to their village.

So they managed to give the giant cobra a drink!

One guy holds the cobra’s tail to prevent it from attacking the guy with bottled water. Then the rescuer splashed some water on the snake’s head to cool it down.

The serpent seems to enjoy the refreshing water and as the guy extended the bottled water, the cobra drank from it!

Gladly, everything went well as no one was harmed during the operation. The King Cobra was later taken to an animal care facility.

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This only shows that sometimes, we just need to understand other beings. Because compassion always leads to the greater good.

Via Bored Panda