What would you do if a gorgeous woman asked you to put some sunscreen on her? Of course, who would say no to a hot girl? But what if you later found out she also has balls? Let’s see how men would react in this hilarious Fake Balls Prank by David Mafra.

The video starts when this woman named Ingrid asks several men to put some sunscreen on her back.


Without a second thought, the men accept the privilege and gently rub her back.


 Ingrid then asks them to put on her front. They thought it’s a jackpot…


 Until she turns around and her boner pops out…


Which sends them off instantly. Hahaha!


Watch the hilarious prank below:

In this video, we can clearly see how straight men reacted in such situation. I guess most men still wouldn’t prefer to touch the same gender, it also shows how men can easily be deceived by looks. So the next time someone offers you to put sunscreen on her, better ask first if she’s a real woman. LOL!