The story of Audrey Doering and Gracie Rainsberry is like a fairy tale straight out of Disney’s fantasy world. I cried a little while watching their reunion on ABC’s Good Morning America show.

The story started when two families from the United States, who are miles apart with the same dream of adopting a baby. Jennifer and Thomas Doering from Wisconsin, who are already a parent of three boys felt like they are still incomplete and they’d love to have a daughter.

Meanwhile, in Washington state, Nicole and Scott Rainsberry also hope to expand their family. Both Doering and Rainsberry family, looked abroad to adopt a child. They are even open to adopting a child with special needs. Their searched lead them both in China. They were able to adopt a baby who both have a heart condition. They were unaware that the baby they are adopting has a twin sister.

After arriving in the United States, because of the baby’s health condition, both of them had to go through medical procedures. Gracie, who was adopted by the Rainsberry had a couple of heart surgery and Audrey who was adopted by the Doering had one heart surgery.

Audrey and Gracie, who are both equally love by their new family grew up healthy and happy.
credit: abc news Good Morning America
A few months ago Jennifer got curious about her daughter Audrey’s past. With the help of a Chinese researcher, she discovers a photo of Audrey with her twin.
credit: Tri-City Herald
Jennifer’s discovery was such a surprise for her and she was desperate to find out the other child in the picture.
Jennifer Doering poses with her daughter Audrey
credit: Tri-City Herald
With a little more research and the help of Facebook, Jennifer was able to find Nicole and the twin Gracie Rainsberry.
Gracie Rainsberry
credit: Tri-City Herald

Both Jennifer and Nicole was so overwhelmed by what they discovered. The twins met for the first time in Good Morning America. The feeling was really overwhelming and touched everyone who witnessed it.

credit: abc news Good Morning America
After their reunion in live TV, the twin was able to bond and found out that they have a lot in common.
credit: abc news Good Morning America
Watch their story.

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H/T: ABC news, Good Morning America