Long ago, a  dog went missing in Georgia. 20 years later, it was discovered trapped in inside a hollow tree, mummified.

It is said that the dog was chasing a raccoon that went inside a hollow tree.

Since the raccoon was small, it easily passed through the hollow tree but the dog got stuck somewhere in the middle where it eventually died. The bizarre incident was believed to have happened in 1960.

In 1980, 20 years later, the dog was discovered inside a chestnut oak which had been cut into logs.

The loggers were shocked to find the dog inside the log frozen in time.

The loggers knew what they discovered was a rare phenomenon and decided to donate the tree to a roadside tree museum in Waycross, Georgia.

Watch the video:

According to Roadside America: “A chimney effect occurred in the hollow tree, resulting in an upward draft of air. This caused the scent of the dead animal to be carried away, which otherwise would have attracted insects and other organisms that feed on dead animals. The hollow tree also provided relatively dry conditions, and the tannic acid of the oak helped harden the animal’s skin.”

The museum, Southern Forest World, took the mummified dog and even held a contest to whoever could give the most appropriate name for the dog. They named it “Stuckie”.