Until now there are still many things that we don’t understand about our planet. Strange things happen every now and then that even science can’t explain. And to make the confusion more tangled, people keep on hearing strange sounds coming from the sky. These sounds are being heard from different parts of the world day or night. Those who encountered these strange noises claimed they’ve experienced daily nightmares and perplexing dreams.

Some are quite scary like the sound of a trumpet as if there’s a battle going on that we can’t see. Are we hearing the metallic grinding of invisible alien spaceships? Or some kind of electromagnetic noise? Some even linked it to the apocalypse where the angels will blow the trumpet. Scary isn’t it? But what could it possibly be?

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These “weird noises” started in 2011 when a YouTuber uploaded a video which records strange noises over Kiev.

After this video went viral, a lot of fake videos started to emerge using the same audio from this video. We’re not saying all of this stuff are fake but probably only a few are genuine. Also, just because some of these videos were a ruse doesn’t mean others aren’t real. Well, the world is full of bizarre things, no wonder if one day we will encounter even stranger things than this odd sounds.

I don’t know what and where the sound coming from, but I think I’m going to freak out if I ever witness it first-hand. What do you think? –Via: viralityfacts