A stomach-churning video release by doctors in China removing 11 live worms from a baby’s eye.

  • Roundworm infection slithering on the surface on the eyeball
  • Doctors said it was a nematode infection also known as Thelazia callipaeda – a parasitic nematode
  • Expert took 21 minutes to pluck out 11 worms

The five-month-old infant known only as Dong Dong undergoes surgery after contracting roundworm infection from a neighbor’s pet.

According to reports, the mother seeks medical help in the hospital after noticing something in one of the eyes of her making him extremely uncomfortable.

After examining Dong Dong, experts found out that the child was suffering from a nematode infection, were numerous worms slithering on the surface of the eyeball as well as inside the eyelid.

Watch the video

Specialists took 21 minutes to pluck out 11 worms, which are believed to be Thelazia callipaeda – a parasitic nematode first discovered in China over 100 years ago.

Dong Dong is still recovering and receiving treatment.

Via: Mirror