Have you ever heard of a square-shaped waves? Believe it or not, it exists and it is stunningly beautiful. However, behind its beauty lies a real danger.

These square-shaped waves appear around the seas in the Isle of Rhe in France.

Isle of Rhe lies at the intersection of two seas, often referred to as a cross sea. When the two seas meet, two wave systems travel at opposing angles, thus creating a grid pattern.

That’s how the square-shaped waves are formed.

The square-patterned waves attract bunches of travelers to the island. Many individuals visit the lighthouse which was built in 1854, just to witness the unusual phenomenon.

But despite its exquisiteness, getting trapped in these waves is quite dangerous.

Once caught in the grid waves, getting out is impossible unless the tide ebbs and the waves return to normal.

Many ships who encountered the square-shaped waves end up in an accident after being trapped inside.

It is not advisable to swim in these waters, since the current of the waves is extremely dangerous. But if you’re already trapped inside the square, instead of wasting your energy to get out of the waves just ride it out and wait for help to arrive.

Gladly, these square waves are not consistent in the area, making the shorelines of Isle of Rhe generally safe most of the times.

Via Buzz Flare