It’s really hard for a mother to lose a child, some will grieve, some will move on but some will have a hard time coping up.

This story shows how far a loving son can go for his grieving mother that he has to dress like his dead sister to comfort his mom.

This fifty-year-old man has been wearing women’s clothes for the past 2 decades.

Dressed in flowery blue-and-white cheongsam he tends to his mother and feeds her in the back of their home cart.

Apparently, when his sister died his mother began to break down mentally and had to dress as a woman to make her feel better.

He knew he could never go back on dressing like a man, in fact, now he doesn’t even have any men’s clothing.

But seeing his grieving mother happy is all that he needs to push through.

Watch this touching video:

The unnamed man has never been married because his life revolves around his mother. He plays flute on the street and doesn’t care what others think about the way he dresses. As long as he can see his mother’s smile, that is more than enough.

Via:  Shanghaiist