Not all that can be eaten shall be eaten, a snake learned this lesson the hard way.

A boa constrictor allegedly tried to eat a porcupine but it didn’t end well. The aftermath was filmed by a man in Brazil, showing the agony of the helpless snake who got punctured by the porcupine’s spikes.

Wrong meal! Greenish spikes can be seen piercing the boa’s body.

That hurts… the snake can be seen slithering and struggling in pain.

Huge mistake!

It is not clear, what exactly causes the snake’s cringing injury, but it is safe to assume that it is a porcupine.

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Boas ambush their preys and constricts them to death before eating them. Thus, pretty explains why the serpent had spikes all over its body. It is unsure whether the snake survived the porcupine’s attack.