We all have a lot of friends, but there’s always that one person that stands out, that one special friend whom we call our “BFF.” Finding a best friend is not an easy job, because most of the time real best friends can’t be summoned, neither can be bought, they just come into our life unexpectedly. We don’t plan being their best buddy, it just happen unintentionally. But how would you know you already found your best friend? Here are 11 telltale signs you have found a best friend for life.

1. You always have their back

doing things alone

2. You push each other to do better


3. You don’t judge each other (but you judge other people together lol)

judge others bff

4. You hate the same people and things

hate the same things

5. You go everywhere together

hanging out bff

6. You communicate without even speaking


7. You couldn’t imagine life without them


Here’s a video from Buzzfeed that sums it up.

Aside from that here’s a few things that I would like to add:

8. You call them bitc

bitch bff

9. Every time you’re with them you go crazy without hesitating

crazy bff

10. You’re not getting tired of hearing their endless dramas

endless dramas

11. Whenever they’re down you’ll pick them up (after you finish laughing lol)

laughing bff

A best friend can be anyone, it can be a girl, a boy, your mother, your relative or one of your friends. But what makes them unique is the way you feel about them, you fell free whenever you’re around them. You trust and share even your darkest secrets with them. You became their partner in crime, and of course, you didn’t let go of each other through ups and downs. Friends listen to what you say, but best friends listen to what you don’t say.

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Share this to you BFF and show how much you love them. –H/T: Buzzfeed