During my childhood I spend so much time in the sea, I love swimming and catching fish. But there’s one thing I wouldn’t forget that’s when I dive into the deep and saw a gigantic fish. I’m not even sure if it’s a shark, a whale or what? But I was totally terrified because that’s the first time I saw a huge one. If that size terrified me what more about these monstrous sharks dominating the deep blue ocean? I bet these massive predators are more terrifying when met face to face.

We list down some of the biggest sharks ever caught by man. One thing is for sure, those men who caught these massive sharks are undeniably brave enough to face the real battle between these ferocious sea creatures.

1. The Cuban Great White Shark (weight unknown)

cuban great white sharkcuban great white shark 2

In 1945, Six fishermen on their daily hunt for fish caught a great white in the Gulf of Mexico, only a few miles from the shanty fishermen town of Cojimar,Cuba. This monstrous shark was then called “El Monstruo de Cojimar.” and known to be the one of largest recorded great white shark ever caught with a length of 6.4 meters (21 ft.)


2. Alf Dean’s Great White (2,664 lb)

great white shark alf dean

One of the largest Great White shark ever recorded by the International Game and Fish Association was caught by Alf Dean around the coast of Ceduna, Australia 0n April 21, 1959. The 16-foot Great White Shark weighed 2,664 pounds.


3. Myrtle Beach Tiger Shark (1,780 lb)


Angler Walter Maxwell caught the biggest tiger shark ever seen at the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier in Myrtle Beach, SC, on June 14, 1964. This giant tiger shark weighs  1,780 pounds and held the world record for forty years.


4. Ulladulla Tiger Shark (1,785 lb)


On March 28, 2004, Kevin James Clapson caught a huge 1,785 lb (810 kg) tiger shark off the coast of Ulladulla, Australia. With only 5 pounds and 11 ounces heavier, it ended Walter Maxwell’s reign as IGFA tiger shark record holder and takes the new record.


5. Mexico’s Great White Shark (2,000 lb)


A great white shark weighing 2,000 pounds was caught by commercial fisherman in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico in April 2012. This massive great white shark was 20 feet long, which puts it just five feet short of the shark from Jaws.


6. Dion Gilmore’s Great White (3,351 lb)

Dion Gilmore great-white-shark 2

In 1992, a 3,351 pounds Great White was caught on rod and reel by Dion Gilmore off the coast around South Australia. This 5.2 meters and 1520 kg female shark bears some possible mating scars.


7. Frank Mundus’ 1964 Great White (4,500 lb)

Frank Mundus' 1964 Great White

Since the 1950’s Frank Mundu has been catching sharks and became the inspiration for Capt Quint in the movie Jaws. On June 6, 1964, he caught an astonishing Great White weighing 2,041 kg which took five hand-held harpoons, four barrels and five hours of battle before being caught.


8. Frank Mundus’ 1986 Great White  (3,427 lb)

frank mundus biggest-white-shark-caught 2

In 1986, an enormous Great White was caught Frank Mundus – the man who pioneered different ways of catching sharks. This sea monster was 17 feet long, weighed 1554 kg and was caught off the coast of Montauk,New York. It took almost 3 hours for the massive shark to be finally caught, but IGFA disqualified its record declaring that a dead whale was used to entice the bite.


9. Prince Edward Island’s Great White (weight unknown)


Caught off Western Prince Edward Island by Alberton fisherman David McKendrick in 1983, this female great white was 6.1 m (20 ft) long. It got caught in McKendrick’s net and was dead when he pulled it to the surface. It is in the top two largest shark ever measured in the world the Canadian Shark Research Center.


10. Taiwan’s Great White Shark (3,858 lb)

great white in taiwan

Caught by 10 local fishermen in Taiwan in 2012, this Great White has a length of 6m (19ft+) and weighs 1750kg. The gigantic shark was so heavy that it took an hour to haul aboard.


11. Phillip Island’s Great White Shark (5,085 lb)

Phillip Island Great white shark

During the 1970s, a massive Great White shark was caught off the coast around Phillip Island weighing an amazing 5085 lb (2306 kg) with a length of 6.2m (21ft) making it possibly the biggest shark ever caught. Although the official length and weight are undisclosed, it is said that a full seal was found inside the shark’s stomach.

Knowing that there are enormous sharks hiding in the deep, I’ll probably stay out of the bottomless water for now. But it’s a relief having the fact that the biggest shark “the Carcharodon Megalodon” went extinct about 1.5 million years ago. If they didn’t, I bet nobody would love going to the beach.

“Sharks might be a very cruel creature in the ocean, but perhaps we are still the cruelest.”

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