It is true that anything excessive is bad, even healthy food. And a guy from Zeijang, Eastern China can attest to that, as his healthy tofu diet lead him to experience something unimaginable.

55-year-old Mr. He (as he is known) loves eating tofu so much that he made it a daily diet. However, he drank a little amount of water.


Last May, he experienced an extreme abdominal pain that led him to the hospital.

abdominal pain
Shockingly, his CT scan shows that he had excessive kidney stones in his body. Mr. He was then scheduled for an immediate operation because the stones made him unable to pass water.emergency

It was good that the stones were removed just in time because if it weren’t removed, his entire kidney would have been taken out.

But Dr. Wei Yubin, Mr. He’s surgeon was extremely surprised by the number of stones he found in his patient’s body as it amounts to more than 500 kidney stones!


Dr. Wei said: “I have never seen so many stones before. The operation took less than two hours of which 45 minutes was used to remove the stones.”

He was quoted as saying that the 2-hour operation left his legs and arms so numb due to the sheer number of stones he took out. The container used in the operation shows 420 green and yellow stones in varying shapes and sizes. This didn’t even include more than 100 rice shaped stones removed using special suction equipment.


According to his doctors, Mr. He’s daily tofu diet and very little intake of water was the cause of his high number of kidney stones. Dr. Wei also says that soy-based products, especially the tofu sold in Dongyang, Eastern China have an elevated calcium level that may lead to kidney stones when eaten in excessive amounts. Drinking low levels of water will cause the calcium to easily build up inside the body.


It is said that Mr. He first experienced pain 20 years ago. He was then treated with lithotripsy, a shock wave technique that breaks up the stones into small pieces and allows them to be excreted through urine.

However, in the past two years the pain increased dramatically until two months later, any physical activity became intolerable.

Perhaps, after undergoing that surgery, Mr. He may be thinking twice about eating tofu ever again!

kidney stone

For further information, here are different kinds of kidney stones:

kidney stone 1kidney stone 2kidney stone 3

If you think the number of kidney stones is already cringed worthy, imagine the current Guinness world record held by an Indian patient, a whopping 172,155 kidney stones!

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