A 90-year-old granny was sent flying to the ground in a vicious attack while her granddaughter was sucker punched and fly kicked by a paranoid schizophrenic.

  • 90-year-old woman was viciously attacked and sent flying to the ground after her granddaughter was fly-kicked
  • 36-year-old Troy Andrew Sargent came up behind Carmen’s back pocket when confronted, he sucker-punched the old lady’s granddaughter and walks away.
  • However, Sargent turns back and delivers a fly kick to Jacqui’s head making the pair crashed into each other.

The elderly, known only as Carmen, was using the ATM machine in Kardinya, in Perth, Australia when Troy Andrew Sargent appeared to reach for her back pocket.

Jacqui, Carmen’s granddaughter came up to her and ask the 36-year-old Sargent if he had stolen money from her.

It was then that Sargent, who is bare footed snapped and sucker punched the 29-year-old woman in the face before walking away.
However, while Carmen was checking and consoling her granddaughter, Sargent runs at the pair and delivers a fly kick to Jacqui’s head.
The attack made Jacqui violently falls forward onto her grandmother, who then hits the ground and smacks her head on the concrete.

Shocked witnesses rushed to the pair’s aid as Sargent attempted to leave the scene.

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Carmen, who was left with two black eyes and needing stitches on her face, said that the blow knocked her unconscious.

‘I couldn’t believe it was happening and then I was knocked out, my head on the pavement and I couldn’t remember much,’ Carmen said.

Apparently, Sargent, who is a paranoid schizophrenic told the court the two women were witches and used sorcery on him.

But doctors later told Perth court that the attack could have killed the elderly pensioner, and despite the magistrate was sympathetic due to his mental illness, Sargent was jailed for 11 months for the assault.

The brutal assault was just one incident of over a three-day violent rampage that occurred because he didn’t take his medication.

He also chased a neighbor while holding a metal pole and punched a hospital worker.

Via: Daily Mail, Metro