A photo of a grade five student offering cleaning service so he could earn money for his school project has gone viral and touches the heart of netizens.

Kervy James Villarejo, a grade five student of Jose Catolico Elementary School in General Santos, Philippines has asked employees of the Charter Ping An Insurance Corp. to offer a cleaning service in exchange for a little amount of money.

Instead of asking his parents, Kervy opted to be resourceful and find a way to earn for his project.

Netizen Chriszel Singco Vicente and her coworkers were amazed by Kervy’s attitude and decided to help him.

When she asked what Kervy James wanted to be when he graduated, the boy answered: “Pilot po.”

The employees were moved by Kervy’s determination and completely rejected his offer but instead gave him everything he needs for his project.

Kervy James vowed that he would show the school project to the people who helped him. But the blessing doesn’t stop there, Ms. Vicente, later on, posted the pictures and video of the boy.

Ms. Vicente wrote in her post “Ako po ay isa ding single mom ginagawa lahat para maprovide ang pangangailangan ng anak ko, masakit para sa amin na ganito kalagayan ng batang si kervy pero nakaka proud talaga siya!”

[Rough translation, I am also a single mom doing everything to provide for my child’s need, we feel sorry to see Kervy like this but we are proud of him!”]

And her post didn’t go to waste people who saw the images were also touched and extend their hands to help Kervy James.

One of them is Louie Vail, a netizen who read the story of the hardworking student. She said that she’s going to surprise Kervy James before she leaves the Philippines.

It is expensive to become a pilot, but with Kervy’s determination, perseverance, and hard-work, his dream will come to reality soon.

If you wish to help Kervy James, you can contact Chriszel Singco Vicente.