Nowadays, you can buy almost everything online, even rent a date or a companion for a day through dating apps. Sadly, a primary school boy had to resort to this app and offered to pay a woman just to pretend to be his “mom” at a parent-teacher meeting.

On the woman’s WeChat Moments, she wrote that she took an order that dating app and was shocked to find that the order was in fact placed by a primary school student.

The dating app 即刻约, allows users to pay someone to spend time with them for things like watching a movie together.

According to their conversation in the screenshot, the boy told her that his father is always away on business trips and his teacher had become mad at him after no one showed up at previous parent-teacher meetings.

The screenshot also showed that the boy offered to pay the woman 500 yuan ($75) to act as his mother and attend a two-hour meeting with his teachers.

However, it’s unclear if the woman took the boy’s request and attends the said meeting.

It’s heart-breaking to know that the boy had to resort to a dating app so someone could be with him. This just shows how the absence of parents affects children.

Via: Shanghaiist