We know how vast our world is right? Up until now, what we know about our world looks to be just a tiny portion of what it is. Discoveries seem to be endless, and just recently scientist found something creepy in the off coast of Australia.

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) together with scientists took photographs of their research voyage off the coast of Sydney in NSW Australia. Aboard on their new research ship which can map depths, they made a fascinating and bizarre discoveries lurking below the surface at our most popular beaches. And these creatures have sharp teeth, fangs and believed to have sting in the tail.

Researchers found a collection of terrifying species of fish such as:

The “Scale-less Blackfish”, a scary looking tiny fanged creature.
The “Chauliodontidae’, complete with its razor sharp and massive front teeth.
The “Idiacanthidae”, an eel-like looking fish.
And scientists were surprise to find Critters in a hotspot for lobster larvae.

UNSW marine biologist and also the Chief scientist of the voyage Professor Iain Suthers was amazed to find so many of these tiny critters and assumed their discovery will now change how researchers study juvenile fish.

He said, “We had thought fish only developed in coastal estuaries, and that once larvae were swept out to sea that was end of them. But in fact, these eddies are nursery grounds for commercial fisheries along the east coast of Australia.”

Here are the other collections of the critters found by researchers during the voyage.

However, their findings didn’t end with fish, they also discovered four extinct volcanoes on the ocean-floor. The discovery of the 50-million-year-old volcanoes was made more incredible by the fact they weren’t even being searched for.

Thanks to the new ocean explorer used by the CSIRO, which made the discovery of these “hot heads” possible, they were located about 200 kilometers off the coast of Sydney.

CSIRO spokesman said, “Our new ocean explorer, RV Investigator, has discovered four extinct volcanoes 200 kilometers off the coast of Sydney, hidden under almost five kilometers of ocean.

‘Investigator was actually in the area on other business…the ship is constantly mapping the sea floor as it travels, opening up a previously undiscovered and unknown world.

‘Our previous research vessel could only map to 3000 meters, missing important geological features like the calderas. Investigator can map the ocean to any depth (although it’s yet to find James Cameron).”

According to their investigation, the cluster is 20 km. long and about 6 km. wide, and rises 700m off the ocean floor at the highest point.

Also researchers were able to create a ‘3D flyover’ of these extinct volcanic cluster’ hidden deep below the surface, which displays the spread in elevation.

Watch the video:


ANU geologist Richard Arculus said it was an exciting find. He told AAP, “This is the first time these volcanoes have been seen. It proves yet again that we know more about the topography of Mars than we do the sea bed in our own backyard.’

He is also sure that these volcanoes are extinct and have erupted it its maximum which is proven in the sonar images showing large craters on the top of each.
hot heads

He said, “But there’s no real chance (they) are going to erupt again…these guys have been dead for a long time. And volcanic activity in the Tasman Sea is extinct.”

H/T: Daily Mail

Wow! These are both amazing and creepy discoveries! What do you think?