Robots have come a long way since the day it was first made. And there’s a cute robot that’s already making wave in Japan and other parts of the world.

Meet Robi, a companion toy robot created and designed by robot maker Tomotaka Takahashi in 2012.

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Robi is a cute 13 inches tall robot that can walk, dance, and talk. He has voice recognition, can speak and understand five languages.

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He even had a motion sensor that can detect movement and can act as a security guard. Plus a built-in TV remote control, perfect for people who keep misplacing their remote control.

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Since the release of Robi, Robo Garage had released Robi Jr. and another smaller Robi version from various Robi-inspired units.

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The CEO of Robo Garage  Tomotaka Takahashi has been working on the next generation of Robi robots. The next generation is pocket-sized and internet connected that could possibly replace your smartphone. Takahashi says “the pocket robot has a head and limbs, is able to walk and dance, and expresses “emotions” through gestures and color-changing eyes. In these ways, the pocket robot is similar to Robi.” He also said, “The biggest difference is that the pocket robot, which doesn’t have a name yet, would be connected to the Internet. By collecting data about your online and offline behavior, your pocket robot would “get to know you.” In fact, its personality would change based on your personality.”

According to Takahash, he’s hoping to release the pocket-sized prototype Robi within a year.


Watch Robi in action:

This robot companion is so amazing and I’m drooling to have one, especially the pocket size!

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