In this modern age, social media has made such a huge impact in our life that we became so attached to it. So glued that it has become a necessity. Through social media, we get a glimpse of someone’s life. We remain updated through statuses, tweets, and posts. With a simple status update, everyone knows what’s happening to us. Communicating with others also became faster, more immediate, without the need for face-to-face interaction.

Somehow, social media is a double-edged sword, especially in romantic relationships. We often boast about our relationship status online, one way to show how proud we are about our boyfriend/girlfriend, a way to announce to the world how much we love them. Yes, one status update may generate likes, comments, and reactions from friends and family but by sharing everything online, we are allowing others to meddle with our personal life.

In this short film, it points out how social media affected a couple’s once happy relationship.

love online1

Everything seems to be like a fairy tale for the couple, they were so in love and it was all documented through status updates online.

love online3

But things got out of hand when the girl continuously shared their love life with everyone.

love online2

Their love story became social media dependent that it has become more sparkling online than in real life. She started posting her feelings without letting her boyfriend know and allowed others get into their private life. Eventually, their relationship started going downhill.

love online4

Will they still save their relationship? Watch below:

Sure, it’s a wonderful thing being able to post the beauty and joy of a relationship. But some things must be kept private. Isn’t it nice to have a healthy relationship that we can keep to ourselves? Talk with your partner face-to-face and refrain from letting tags, tweets, and status updates destroy your relationship.

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As one of the viewers said:

“I think close relationships are just too precious to be shared with through social media. They’re meant to be kept as memories in our hearts instead of on the internet.”

H/T: The Ming Thing