“Are we alone in this universe?” That’s one question that lies deep in our head, waiting for real answers. We all know the fact that our solar system is amazingly huge, what more about the galaxy and the universe wherein we are just a tiny dot. The truth is, there’s always a possibility that we are not alone in this world, we just don’t know it yet. Rumors of Alien sightings spread widely all over the world, but we don’t know which to believe and which not. Below are 7 most trustworthy Alien sightings stories we’ve ever heard. Real or not these stories are truly terrifying.


1. 1957 – California: Witnessed by Gordon Cooper

1957 - California - Gordon Cooper

“Test pilot and astronaut Gordon Cooper claims to have seen and filmed a UFO sighting while stationed at Edwards Air Force Base. He apparently had a camera crew film the whole incident which included the UFO flying, landing, and then taking off. He described the craft as silver, smooth, and shiny.”


2. 1961 – Connecticut: Witnessed by Betty and Barney Hill.

1961 - Connecticut - Betty and Barney Hill

“Driving home from vacation, married couple Betty and Barney Hill saw an “erratic moving star” in the sky. Upon closer inspection, they determined it is not a star, but rather an alien aircraft. The next day, Bettey called the local Air Force base, which also confirmed a UFO on their radar around the same time.”


3. 1964 – Witnessed by Officer Lonnie Zamora.

1964 - Officer Lonnie Zamora

“Zamora was in the middle of a high-speed chase when he saw an odd flying object in the distance that he said was emitting blue flames. Inspecting the object further, Zamora claims to have witnessed 2 humanoid creatures get into the spacecraft and immediately take off, emitting the same blue flames that he witnessed before.”


4. 1997 – Phoenix, AZ :  Witnessed by Thousands of People.

1966 - Australia

“Thousands of people called the local police departments, jamming up their phone lines, to report strange lights illuminating from a flying object in the sky. They were said to be in a V shape and to be able to move very quickly in the sky.”


5. 1980 – Texas – Witnessed by Betty Cash and Vicky Landrum.

1980 - Texas - Betty Cash and Vicky Landrum

“Two women witnessed a water tower-sized object on the ground that had flames shooting from its underside. They went to investigate the mysterious object, only to be immediately surrounded by dozens of military helicopters that escorted the strange aircraft away from the scene.”


6. 1966 – Australia – Witnessed by Over 200 People.

1997 - Phoenix, AZ

“Over 200 witnesses claim to have seen a UFO fly and then land near a local area high school during broad daylight. When the aircraft left, it apparently left at speeds that couldn’t be matched by the local area aircrafts that were investigating it.”


7. 2008 – Stephensville, TX: Witnessed by 40 People.

2008 - Stephensville, TX - 40 Witnesses

“40 residents of Stephensville, TX, including several policemen and a pilot, reported seeing a UFO hovering around the local farming community. It remained for about 5 minutes before darting off into the night sky.”

Source: Viral Nova

It’s hard to say whether or not these people really saw aliens or just one of Hitler’s flying saucer. But with so many claiming they saw some creepy unidentified flying objects, we can’t deny that there is really something strange out there. As the famous X-Files once said, “The truth is out there.” certainly it is!