In a bid to raise awareness about female circumcision, three pranksters called “Simple Pickup” challenged women to ride a pleasure machine in public.

The challenge is just like riding a mechanical bull but with a hilarious twist.

The deal is simple, each second a woman remain on the pleasure machine called Sybian, $5 will go to the charity Orchid Project – an organization that fights against the barbaric practice of female genitalia mutilation.

To start their cause, the trio wandered the beached and asked women if they would like to try riding the Sybian.

Some turned down the offer, but many were convinced. It’s for a good cause anyway.

Just like the mechanical bull, the girls will try to remain on the vibrating machine for as long as they can.

But that wasn’t easy!

One woman even gets her, uhmm you know what I mean. LOL!

See the hilarious video below:

The trio said they raised a lot of money for donation but there’s more. They will donate $100 for every 100,000 views of their video.

Somehow, you can simply donate HERE if you do not want this kind of hilarious stuff.

Via: Elite Readers