Nowadays, people are somewhat uncertain with the police and it’s all because of corruption and power tripping. But still, there are some who are truly dedicated to their chosen field and are willing to give their own lives to save others, just like this Chinese policeman in who use his own body to save a suicidal man.

Police officer Liang Xiao, had been convincing the 32-year-old man not to end his life.

But Xiao can’t persuade the suicidal man, as he jumps off from the four-story building.

jumps off building 2

The man gets tangled first on the bamboo scaffolding before free falling.

jumps off building 3

Only a few seconds to death, the brave officer breaks the man’s fall by using his body before he hits the ground.

jumps off building 5

Amazingly, both men survived the incident. They were brought to the nearest hospital and doctors declared both of them “out of danger.”

jumps off building 6

Watch heroic rescue below:

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