A shocking video sparks outraged on social media, showing a cop body slamming a mother to the ground while holding her child in her arms.

In the footage, a woman holding a toddler can be seen arguing with a Shanghai police officer on the sidewalk.

But as the argument escalated, the cop slams the woman to the ground, obviously unconcerned about the little kid she is holding.

The force of the attack makes the kid fly and the two crashes down on the ground.

Witnesses rushed to check the poor child who was left crying while the two police officers restrained the woman.

In yet another video of the scene, one police officer is seen carrying the toddler while his partner keeps on pressing the woman to the ground.

The incident happened in Songjiang District and according to Shanghai police department, the officers involved were immediately suspended pending investigation.

One cop accused the woman of slapping and biting them. However, authorities have conceded that the officers acted “wrongly” in dealing with the situation. Apparently, this happened because the woman illegally parked her vehicle.

The woman and the youngster were both taken to the hospital following the incident. The woman sustained soft tissue injuries to her face and neck while the little girl had bruises on her arms.

Via: Shanghaiist