Image of an elderly woman sitting at the open trunk cruising down the road in Zhengzhou, China has gone viral. Many condemned the driver, but there’s more about the viral photo that what it seems to be.

This photo garnered negative reactions over the internet.

But before you condemned whoever is driving that car and made the elderly woman sit in the back, you should read the following first.

Mr. Li, the driver of the car, with his mother sitting in the open trunk, was going home from the dinner date of his brother’s potential bride.

But after dinner, he offered everyone a ride home but soon realizes his car is too small for everyone to fit and suggested to his mother to stay and wait for him at the restaurant after he brought everyone home.

However, Li’s mother rejected the idea and offered herself to simply sit in the trunk since they live nearby.

Li agreed to his mom suggestion but it was a big mistake and wished he never agreed with her as someone took a photograph of his mother and he has now become the target of online outrage.

Meanwhile, Li’s mother felt bad that her son is being unfairly judged and demonized and she attested that he’s a very good son.

Apparently, Li’s action (with consent) is quite forgivable than the one who made his mother sit in the trunk of the car.

A guy made his 60-year-old mother sit in the trunk so his son can sprawl out in the backseat of the car which his mom bought for him with her life savings. Worst son ever!

Via: Shanghaiist