“Honor your father and mother.” — This is one of the teachings that we are supposed to follow. A 7-year-old boy from Guizhou, China has taken this commandment to the next level, by nursing his paralyzed father on his own after his mother walked out on them.

Ou Tongming, a 37-year-old worker fell from the second story of a construction property last 2013.

Ou Yanglin4

He suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down. After the family used up their life savings for his medical treatments, Tongming’s wife left their home bringing their three-year-old daughter and was never heard from again.

Ou Yanglin, his son, then became the sole caretaker of the bedridden father.

Ou Yanglin45

He taught himself how to cook and prepare meals for his father.

Ou Yanglin1

He buys vegetables from the local market while working around his school schedule.

Ou Yanglin3

During lunch, he rushes home to feed his father.

Ou Yanglin2

After school, he looks for scraps and sells it to add to their 300 RMB ($47) monthly disability payment that his father receives. He earns around 20 yuan (4$) every day which still isn’t enough.

“My father needs medicine but I don’t have any money,” Yanglin said.

Ou Yanglin8

Bedridden, Tongming has developed sores on his back and it is Yanglin who treated his wounds when he goes home from school.

Ou Yanglin6

As a father, Tongming finds it very hard to be a burden to his son.

He admits to contemplating suicide, but reconsidered after realizing one thing – he can’t leave his son alone.

Ou Yanglin7

Yanglin’s only wish, however, is to “grow up real soon” so he can earn money and pay for his father’s medical treatment.

Ou Yanglin9

“I can’t live without my father,” the heroic little boy says.

Many people have been touched by the father-son duo that they have been clamoring for a charity fund to be set up for them.

Stories like this are truly uplifting. It’s so overwhelming to know that at young age Yanglin already knows how to be a responsible son. Such dedication and love. I hope one day, help will pour unto your family.

H/T: Elite ReadersDaily Mail | Photos: CEN