Five star hotels are known for their world class services, however, a footage of nasty cleaning practices of these lodging houses in China has gone viral.

  • Over a dozen five-star hotel has been exposed of unsanitary cleaning practices.
  • Seven of the hotels are in Shanghai and regarded as one of China’s top tourist destinations.
  • A number of the hotels issued statements to apologize but it is not enough for tourism authorities a punishment must be imposed.

Out of the 14 hotels shown, seven of them are in Shanghai and shockingly long-regarded as one of China’s top tourist destinations.

They are, Le Royal Méridien Shanghai, Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai, Bulgari Hotel Shanghai, Four Seasons Shanghai, Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, and The PuLi Hotel and Spa.

In Bulgari Hotel, which costs $648 a night, a worker is seen picking a used plastic cup lid from the garbage bin, wiping it with his T-shirt and putting it back on the cup.
While, a worker at Four Seasons, which costs $288 a night, uses the same sponge to clean the sink, cups and glass door in a bathroom.
Then, in Ritz-Carlton, which costs $432 a night, with one worker using the same towel to clean a sink and some cups.
Meanwhile. a cleaner in Le Royal Méridien Shanghai is seen using a bath towel to clean a toilet and using the same cloth to wipe down the sink and cups.
The cleaner also places a toilet brush and cleaning rag together into the same case.
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Since the exposé, a number of the hotels issued statements to apologize, with many forced to point out that they value hygiene.

However, apologies are not enough for local tourism authorities and patrons they want punishment be imposed for cheating their guest and suggest that the department in charge of assigning star-ratings for hotels update its rating standards.

On the other hand, Shanghai tourism administration will conduct inspections at the relevant hotels and if the unsanitary cleaning practices are verified, they will be penalized.

Via: Next Shark