Admit it, one way of attracting customers is to show some skin and this is exactly what this barber shop in Kazakhstan had in mind when they hire female hair stylists to work with almost no clothes on.

Men stormed the Old Bay salon in Oskemen, Kazakhstan because of this unusual attraction.

To attract customers, the barbershop hired scantily clad hair stylists.

The beautiful young women work almost naked, as one brunette was wearing nothing but a tiny black apron. While other girls wore high heel, thongs, and bras under the apron.

Unfortunately, some realized that it’s too good to be true to have these kinds of hairdressers especially when two of them suddenly went into a very s3xy clinch.

Apparently, the girls are actually dancers from a nearby club, the Zebra strip club, who agreed to pose for photographs for an online advertising campaign.

Despite the women are just for promotions, that did not stop men from turning up in the salon after it was shared on social media, in hope of a trim from these scantily clad women.

Via: Mirror