A honeymoon is the most anticipated moment for newlyweds and it’s supposed to be intimate, peaceful and private. But this is not the case for this Chinese couple after the groom’s friends decided to make a surprise appearance during their special night.

The couple’s intimate moment was ruined when the groom’s pals suddenly stormed into their room while they’re making love.


The group of friends began to shout and laugh as the embarrassed pair tried their best to cover up. But the trespassers pulled the duvet, exposing the couple’s entwined bodies.

Shocked, the bride quickly moves her hand to cover her husband’s behind but failed.

honeymoon-prank-2While laughing hysterically, the groom’s pals then slap him hard on the buttocks. Eventually, their friends stop their crazy prank and tug the duvet back to cover the couple.

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Somehow, the newlyweds appear to have seen the funny side of the honeymoon prank and smiled at the end.  — Via: Mirror