A postpartum care center in China has been heavily under fire for negligence after one of its nurses was caught dropping a 19-day-old baby to the ground.

The CCTV footage shows how the nurse carelessly pushes the stroller back and forth.

Then the stroller loses its balance and tipped over, knocking the baby out of the crib.

The baby apparently hit the floor on its head.

Another nurse rushed to pick up the baby boy while she follows through and took the baby.

Watch the video:

The incident took place at the Puruming Postpartum Care Centre in Yanji. The establishment apparently specializes in providing a wide range of services in taking care of new mothers and newborn babies.

Beijing-based lawyer Yi Shenghua accused the care center of being irresponsible.

Meanwhile, Beijing-based lawyer Yi Shenghua accused the care center of being irresponsible.

He said in his post, “Had the CCTV footage not been released, how long would you hide this matter from the public?”

A spokesperson from Puruming Postpartum Care Centre described the matter as ‘small negligence’ from the worker who has been working as a deputy director at a hospital for more than 30 years.

She added: “The baby was unscathed. A CT scan at the People’s Hospital showed no damage had been caused to the brain.

‘After all, human beings are not gods. There would be times when the accident happens.”

Although no damage had occurred to the baby on the CT scan, Ms. Wang, the family’s solicitor believed this doesn’t guarantee the baby’s neurological health in the days to come.

“We can see from the video that the carer was extremely irresponsible,” said Ms. Wang.

The clip has gained numerous negative comments after being released on social media.

Via: Daily Mail