It is really terrifying and depressing to hear stories of babies being deprived of their right to have a normal life. As today’s society embraces the practice of abortion, which we all know is wrong and immoral, some people still have the guts to do this wrongful actions. But whatever the reason behind is, we still don’t have the right to take the lives of the most precious gift God has given to us.

Yet even this concerns are highly raised, each day babies are still being aborted, abandoned, and deprived of having a happy life. Just like what happened in this video wherein a newborn baby was flushed down alive in a toilet and found out stuck in a sewer pipe.

baby saved by firefighters (4)

Residents living in a building in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China reported a sound of a crying baby right at their public restroom. Firefighters immediately came to respond and they were shocked what they found out.

baby saved by firefighters (5)

As the firemen explored further, they spotted the baby and desperately sawed away the four-inch-wide pipe below a ceiling in which the unwanted baby was trapped.

baby saved by firefighters (6)

The rescuers did not waste any time and plucked the baby from the sewer pipe.

baby saved by firefighters (8)

While rescuers are dramatically saving the baby, her mother was on the scene, silently watching the entire rescue process.

baby saved by firefighters (2)

A police officer said the mother had hidden her pregnancy and claimed the baby fell into the lavatory after she unexpectedly gave birth.

baby saved by firefighters (1)

The 22-year-old woman later confessed that she could not afford an abortion and secretly delivered the child, flushing him down the toilet.

baby saved by firefighters (3)

She also told the police that she cleaned up the toilet after the delivery and that she had managed to hide her pregnancy by wearing loose clothes and tightly wrapping her abdomen. It is believed that she raised the initial alarm.

baby saved by firefighters (7)

The baby suffered a fractured skull and severe bruising, but he miraculously survived and was urgently rushed to the hospital. Thanks to the heroic firemen.

baby saved by firefighters (9)

He is now in a stable condition and was united with his maternal grandparents.

baby saved by firefighters (10)

Watch the dramatic rescue below:

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Stories like this are so depressing, it’s really sad why some people can easily take someone’s life. Good thing is, rescuers are there immediately, if not I couldn’t imagine what would happen to that poor baby. Please do share this story and help save lives.

H/T: Daily MailRussia Today | Images: Daily Mail