Being proud of your girlfriend isn’t a bad thing. However, boasting your relationship online has its consequences sometimes. Take this navy guy, for example, who brags about his hot girlfriend online and instantly regrets it.

A navy named “Reggie” posted this picture online…


But as soon as the image went online, things started to go out of control. Some questioned him about the authenticity of him being a real navy seal. Somehow, the guy quickly replied that the picture was from a different part of his training.


From that simple doubt, things started to get messy as someone had recognized his girlfriend from somewhere. People started talking about “scenes” and it’s time to get worried!


Apparently, her girlfriend is a “Girls Do P*rn” actress!


Reggie tried to defend his girlfriend saying he knew about all of it, that he’d forgiven her and that they were perfectly happy. But it only made things even worse.

And, most tragic of all, Reggie’s girlfriend is wearing the exact same clothes in her 1st GNP film. Busted!


Reggie’s bragging about being “the most alpha on 4chan” is a total disaster. He got completely roasted from being an alpha down to the biggest beta of all time.

Via: Diply. Imgur